Lillesand Hudpleie

Lillesand Hudpleie

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The task

In connection with Black Week, Lillesand Hudpleie had an offer on gift cards. Our task was to market this offer. Our job was to decide who the ad should be aimed at and produce content for ads intended on social media. In addition, we chose to create an event for people with a close relationship to Lillesand Skin Care. This could, for example, be the company’s customer club.

The result

When Monday came and the sale started, it became clear early on that this assignment was a great success. The customer had sales of 100,000 the first day, and 80,000 the second day. Based on this, it was decided to stop the sale, on the grounds that the customer had sold so many gift cards that it almost exceeded their capacity to complete. It must be possible to call assignments well done.

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