Innom cafe

Innom cafe

To create results and growth, we need to talk regularly. This is how the really good relationships arise!

Through recommendation for previous customers, we were invited to a meeting to introduce ourselves. In this meeting, we presented a plan for how they could increase sales through the use of social media, and increased digitization of the improvement. This plan was well received, and we worked out an agreement that suited both parties.

The task

The task was, among other things, to create an online store for the purchase of food and drink. We set up a marketing strategy. Through this practical solution and the store’s good service and products.

The result

We saw that the number of orders increased, they got more regular customers, more repurchases and generally increased traffic to the charming cafe.


“Through a collaboration between Innom and Evomark, Evomark has provided a generally good
impression. They have helped Innom as a company by introducing us to a hitherto unknown
the world of opportunities found in social media marketing.

From the very beginning of the collaboration, Evomark has been quick, flexible and helpful. The
has helped us increase visibility among the target group, created a better and more modern one
website that has served as a platform for orders and promotions. They have also assisted
with resources and ideas for various campaigns.

Evomark works according to a creative economic model, has a will, tries to meet
corporate needs, are nice, solution-oriented and have knowledge in social

Else Johanne Teigland
General manager during the collaboration between Evomark x Innom “

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