Enormous response: – Has managed to engage the young people

Enormous response: – Has managed to engage the young people

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The task To market a survey for Grimstad Eiendomsutvikling which dealt with the development of the Torskeholmen area in Grimstad. Grimstad Eiendomsutvikling is owned by Grimstad municipality. The background for the inquiry was a desire from the customer to reach out to more people in the age group 15-25. In this target group, there are few people who actively participate in municipal meetings, and therefore it was a challenge that this target group was not given the opportunity to express their opinion. Our goal was therefore to reach as many people as possible in this age group. The campaign lasted for 10 days. Stunning results – satisfied customer The result was 1,700 responses from adolescents / young adults. Chairman of the board of Grimstad Eiendomsutvikling, Lars Ingeberg, went out in the newspaper Grimstad Adressetidene and proudly told about the good results. Under the title “Enormous response – Has managed to engage the young people”, he proudly told about the project, and commented that “These were large numbers on a national basis”.

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