A well-functioning design can be the difference between sales and not sales, bad or good marketing. All designs do not have to look fantastic. It must be tailored to your target audience.

A message about a cheap product may have a different visual expression than a product a more expensive product. Whatever your needs are – we have designers who know the subject. Take a look below to see some of the things we can help you with.


Sometimes you get a great idea in your head, without being able to get it down on paper. Bring us into your mind and tell us what your idea looks like, and we’ll put it to life through a great illustration.

Logo design

A logo is your company’s hallmark. It is the symbol that you are to be associated with. With a well-crafted logo, you can tell about your company, where it comes from, what values you want to advocate, and how you want your company to appear. Together we come up with the logo that tells your story.


UX stands for User Xperience, or user experience in good Norwegian. This is about adapting a website to the user’s needs, analyzing the usability and user pattern to optimize as much as possible. This is so that your customer will feel that the way from going to the page to checking out the shopping cart is as simple and as seamless as possible.

Business cards

A good business card helps to strengthen the impression that your company is solid and credible. We at Evomark make business cards that you can be proud to give away.

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Webdesign & Nettside design

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Mobile application design

Do you need an app? Our technicians are ready to help you with your needs, whether it is small or large.