About us in Evomark

We are a young and newly established company that has a goal of helping to create growth.

We saw that today’s solutions on the digital front both cost too much and work too poorly. This inspired us to start Evomark. The name is composed of two English words, Evolutionary and Marketing, and is indicative of how we want to appear. Innovative and evolving, in line with the times, and with our customers.


The company was started on 09.03.2020 by two entrepreneurs, Joachim Lønmo.

The goal was to offer a comprehensive solution for companies that lack the last bit when it comes to visibility and establishment on the Internet.

We tailor solutions for everyone. Whether the business is small, medium or large. And best of all – it does not cost the shirt!


We want to have an open and honest relationship with all our customers.


We want to have an open and honest relationship with all our customers.


We deliver what we promise and go the extra mile. We often demand more of ourselves than our customers do

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Joachim is the general manager of Evomark AS where he is responsible for the daily operations. Lønmo has a desire to contribute to and create growth in knowledge about digital development. Furthermore, he has several years of experience in sales and marketing, and has good results to show. Through experience, Lønmo has built good relationships that have benefited the business community. Solution-oriented and result-conscious. Love new challenges – and never say no to a coffee!

Anders Ilebekk

Certified | Senior Developer

Anders is employed as a UX and senior developer at Evomark AS.

This involves tasks such as developing UX / usability, coding the visual on websites, developing mockups and prototypes, motion graphics and graphic design.

Has studied 2 years of frontend development via CA University.

Robin Lee

Specialist | Content producer

Robin is an enthusiastic, hardworking and attentive person, with an eye for detail and quality. He is outgoing, nice and happy to meet new people and challenges.

As a content producer for Evomark AS, Robin will give 110% to ensure that the customer is satisfied and has their social front visualized.

Franz Lund

Coming soon


Copywriter | graphic designer

Multimedia technology by education. Sports-loving person with a sense of fun words and phrases.


Photographer | Media producer

Rando has extensive experience in audio / video and focuses on constantly evolving. In line with the times, Rando forms an end product through knowledge, technology and hard work that our customers can be proud of.