5 Things You Should Know About Digital Marketing

5 Things You Should Know About Digital Marketing

Social media marketing, also called SMM, is how to reach potential customers on social media, without the consumer looking for something to buy. Facebook and Instagram are popular channels, where we can meet potential customers, and through proper setup of ads hit your target audience as accurately as possible.

  • Use Social Media!
When marketing on social media, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind:
    • Choosing the right audience
    • Be visible when your customers are available
    • Be present for a long time!
When marketing on social media, it is important to choose the right target group, be visible when your customers are available, and be present for a longer period of time! Social media is divided into two sections:
    • Organic Content
    • Paid Content
  • Remember the strategy …
When laying out a strategy for your business, it is important to keep in mind that this should first and foremost be a management document that you will use to shape how you aim at potential buyers through relevant content. The strategy should be adapted to the potential customer’s “journey” so that the user experience is optimal. A little more simply explained, it is about what goals you set and what measures you take to achieve them. So… What exactly should a digital strategy contain? What should one put the spotlight on, and not? Start with these questions:
    • What do we want to achieve with the digital investment?
    • How do we get there?
In my experience, it is not very easy to answer these two questions, but one can go a long way if one takes the time to discuss this thoroughly with the team.
  • Search Engine Optimization
SEO as it is abbreviated is about structuring your website correctly to end up as high as possible on the search lists. It’s about the proper use of headlines, captions, links, and the like. Not least what words you enter in the text itself To understand the overall meaning of SEO, we must have an understanding of the various factors in one search Shopping ads. The first thing you often see in a search through google’s search engine is a paid shopping ad. Here you can show off your range by directing an ad to your audience. Paid search results. In most cases, you will see an ad below this, which looks pretty much like one search result. This can be used to get traffic to your site, if you, for example, want to be called. The nice thing about this is that you can appear in the results even if the customer is searching for a competitor of yours. Organic results. Here’s a goldmine you genre wants to take part in. Instead of paying google to showcase your business. you can simply be visible in search. Thus, the customer you want to meet will see you and most likely click on you. After all, around 82% of all applicants do NOT click on an ad through Google. And the trust you create by being at the top organically is much higher. You often experience a conversion rate of around 14.6% only through Google ranking. This is due to ‘Cities Intent keywords’. (customer is already looking for something)
  • Digital Advertising
98% of buyers who google choose a company that is on the first page of the search results. It tells you how important it is to appear on the first page of Google during a search. Today, there is simply no more targeted and cost-effective method than Google Ads for quickly gaining visibility and attracting new customers. Google search engine advertising secures you leads and conversion, because consumers with the intention of buying will find you when they search for what you offer. What makes Google search engine advertising so effective is that consumers who visit your digital channels by clicking on one of your Ads ads already have a need and are in a decision-making phase. Here, there are customers with the intention of buying a product or service who are looking for the right provider, it is therefore completely precarious for you to be shown here to get the desired growth of your business. Social media: With social media advertising, we can target messages to a very focused audience, when and how often we want. Here it will be you as a company that tries to find potential customers while they “hang out” on social media. This is called “disruptive marketing” and places great demands on showing the ads to the right target group and a good message (text and image / video) where they choose to end what they are doing to visit your company. . So it will be the interplay between Google advertising and social media advertising that will give your business the best results on digital platforms.
  • Remarketing
Facebook – retargeting Have you experienced visiting a website, for so to be showered with advertising from that brand minutes later? It has its explanation. The companies have installed a small key on their site. This key is called a pixel, and tells Facebook where you have been, so that you get the ads that Facebook thinks are relevant to you. That way, you avoid spending money on marketing your product to the wrong audience. Summary: The world has gone digital, and it has come to stay. It is crucial for any business to be present on the internet in today’s market. That means not just being present, but being at the front of the queue. And remember: the market is constantly changing. Just because something works today, does not mean it works tomorrow, next month or year. Set aside plenty of time for continuous learning.

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